Father carrying traveller in bag over shoulder

Lighter than the baby

Every gram counts when travelling with babies and their 
extra paraphernalia.  Weighing a feather light 3.2kgs, 
traveller™ is not just lighter than all other globally certified 
travel cots, it’s also lighter than the baby!

traveller in carry bag in aircraft overhead locker


Fits tight spaces

Every centimetre counts too!  Although a full size cot, when packed the traveller™ is so compact it fits in tight spaces like a full car trunk or airline luggage locker.

quick and easy assembly

Simple rapid assembly

1, 2, 3 done!  You can set the traveller up in moments 
flat - perfect for those late night arrivals.

Zip away side

For excellent access that eases baby’s path to sleep (and mum & dad’s back!).  traveller™ adapts from sleep to play, creating the perfect playpen for playtime fun!

father sitting while toddler plays in traveller portable cot

globally safety certified

Globally safety certified

Traveller’s engineered construction means that it is sturdy 
enough to be used for sleeping and strong enough to be 
used as a playpen. 

line drawing of layers of fabric in traveller mattress


Layers of comfort

traveller™ has a comfy self expanding thermally insulating mattress and includes a fitted sheet that is Oeko-tex certified and therefore non toxic and gentle on baby’s skin. When outdoors, pop on a UV mesh cover accessory for comfort.

baby in traveller cot

Fully ventilated

The mesh sides promote excellent air circulation and enable you to keep an eye on your sleeping angel.



baby swaddled in blanket asleep in traveller cot

Happy travels with your traveller™!

For home&away, indoors&out, cot&playpen in one.  traveller™ is made to adapt to all situations!

indoor-outdoor icon





Overly soft sleep surfaces are a risk for SUDI/SIDS - We reduce the risk!

A new standard is being introduced to address the association between mattress firmness and the risk of SUDI/SIDS. We’re proud to say that the traveller has already passed the test!

Read more about the new standard here

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