Ultra adaptable newborn high chair

Sit. Relax. Sleep. The award winning highpod high chair allows your baby to transition from food time to snooze time with a 3 position seat recline. Easy to adjust and suitable for newborns, the adaptable highpod seat accommodates a baby up to 20kg, and is globally safety certified for use in all 3 recline positions. Rest (and feed!) easy.

highpod hair chair - ultra adaptable

Super hygienic aerocore seat

A spongy seat liner made from revolutionary aerocore material nestles your baby in the highpod seat. Removable and dishwasher safe with no food-trapping seams, the aerocore liner is easy to keep hygienically clean. Made from rubber-like material, aerocore is waterproof, hypoallergenic and wipe clean, not to mention insulating and super comfortable, keeping your baby focused on their job - eating!

highpod high chair - close up of aerocore seat

Adapts to suit you!

2 small buttons allow you to telescopically set the seat height to 1 of 5 height positions from 75 - 85cm. The unique base design allows you to move highpod close to the table so baby can join the rest of the family. Remove the food tray completely for use in this way, or adjust the angle to 1 of 2 positions so it’s always flat, whether the seat’s upright or reclined. The food tray comes with a removable and dishwasher safe cover, with an extra large cover available separately for a heartier appetite!

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highpod high chair in various recline and upright positions


The foot rest helps to maintain baby’s circulation, or can be popped away for a more compact bundle when not in use. A ‘lumbar jack and high heels’ accessories kit is included for a smaller baby, providing a lumbar support cushion for the seat and a higher footrest for little legs.

highpod high chair in dining room

Safe & stable

The cleverly designed base is ultra safe stable in any seat height or angle position. The 5 point, padded safety harness keeps your baby snug secure in their high chair, and is easily adjusted as they grow. Globally safety certified in all configurations, highpod is a safe stable food throne for your baby from newborn to 20kg.

highpod high chair -close up detail of seat

A stylish addition to your home

Clean lines and sleek curves make highpod a welcome design piece in your kitchen. Steering clear of candy colours and nursery characters, the highpod high chair’s understated black and white tones coupled with a brushed, stainless steel frame reflect modern style and decor. You won’t want to store this bad boy away, but should the need arise, simply pop the base off with 2 buttons and adjust the seat angle so it’s parallel to the frame for compact storage. Easy as pie.

highpod highchair side view
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