compact   lightweight

folding compactly into its sleek carry bag   weighing only 3lbs, nest is the perfect travel companion for new parents. as the world's smallest packing travel bassinet, yet still fully featured, nest provides a comfortable   clean home away from home for your baby.


travel ready so it's ideal for home   away

indoor outdoor adaptability: nest comes with 2 fitted sheets a high quality bug mesh, making it a cool breathable outdoor nap-time spot, this allows your baby to stay cool comfy enjoying the fresh air, yet protected from bugs. nest is travel ready, no matter where you’re going.  


carry baby room to room

nest is safe comfortable, as well as carrycot certified, so you can carry your baby from room to room using nest's handles. 


firm sleep surface approved

overly soft sleep surfaces are a risk for SUDI/SIDS - but a firm sleep surface reduces the risk. The joint Australia and New Zealand Standards, have released a new safety certification for testing mattress firmness to reduce the risk related to softness in a sleep surface. We’re proud to say that we’re ahead of the game - nest has already been tested it passed. 

read more about the new standard here


clever features


easy to pop up   pack down


safe, comfortable    roomy 


includes comfy mattress  2 fitted sheets


comes with an easy pop on bug mesh