Day 7 - Freerider + FREE connector 2

The holidays are almost upon us and we want to celebrate! For the first 12 days of December, we will release a new deal each day just for you. Go on, treat yourself or a loved one today.


Today's deal includes receiving a FREE connector 2 when you purchase a freerider stroller board today!


Get in quick or risk missing out!

Not currently available in this region.


freerider stroller board is HOT! because: 

    • attaches via a connector (included) that fastens to the rear axle of your buggy for buggy board mode 
    • quick release button attached/detaches buggy board from connector
    • connector can be positioned anywhere on the rear axle at pusher's preference
    • 2-mode rear wheel castor - swivel for using as a stroller board to follow the buggy in any direction and fixed straight for scooting
    • rear wheel brake for using in scooter mode
    • skateboard style truck steering - safe for little ones
    • grip pad - anti slip surface on the deck
    • clip in handle bar that can be taken off for folding up the back of the buggy
    • toggle to fasten board up the back of the buggy out of the way
    • maximum weight capacity of 20kg