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Nieuwe beschermers om de vingers van je kleine te beschermen tegen de achterwielen van je DOT-wandelwagen.

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Deze achterwielbeschermers worden per twee verkocht en zijn alleen compatibel met DOT-wandelwagens. Elke wielbeschermer heeft twee punten waarmee hij op het wiel kan worden geklikt, maar slechts één van deze twee punten kan in gebruik zijn. Dit is volledig afhankelijk van welke stand het beste op je behoeften aansluit!

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Replacement P&T dot mud guards


Broke the one of the old mud guards folding the pram up (which must be a design fault?)
Anyway ordered new, they arrived in good time and easy to fit.
Pretty good, if not a little expensive.

Great Pram Except The Wheelguards!


We love our Phil and Teds Dot pram but this is the third set of wheelguards we've had to purchase as they keep breaking. They are not expensive thankfully but I wish they were more robust! Otherwise a GREAT pram particularly when travelling.

Beware - does not fit all Dot models


These don't fit our Dot which we purchased two years ago. I am still waiting for a response from P&T but it may be worth checking this before you order!

Wheel guards fit Dot v2


These fit the Dot v2. They are fine, no problems. I don't know why they haven't written which buggies they fit, it would be useful

Replacement parts


After losing one of my mudflaps I was so happy to be able to buy a replacement and it wasn't to expensive very happy arrived fast

Mudguards- hope they last longer than originals


I bought 2 pairs because the originals broke within first month weak fixings. I can't really recommend yet until I see how long they last. Star rating based on originals!

Great service from Phil&Teds!


One rear wheel guard of our buggy was lost when travelling by plane.
We have made a claim with supporting docs (a quote from Phil&Teds) to the Airline, which was successfully granted.
It is simple to find a missing part on the website, to estimate all costs including delivery!


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