12 inch inner tube set

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2x spare or replacement inner tubes for the wheels of your phil&teds stroller.

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You can replace the inner tube at home by deflating the existing inner tube, removing the  external tyre  then fitting the new inner tube and tyre to your wheel rim before inflating. The inner tube should be inflated only to a maximum of 20-22 psi with a manual hand pump. Compressed air from an automatic pump can damage the wheel of your buggy, as can over-inflation.

This inner tube is compatible with the following stroller models:

  • e3 v1 & v2
  • e3 twin
  • classic & legacy red classic
  • classic twin
  • sport v1 & v2
  • dash
  • explorer
  • hammerhead (rear wheels only)
  • navigator
  • verve (rear wheels only)
  • vibe

excellent product and service


Bought tubes for pram's wheels. Great product. Excellent customer service. Thank you

Poor tire quality


I have had my vibe stroller for many years and I have to say that as a mother of 4 kids in 5 years, and also as a runner, I love many of the features of my vibe stroller! That being said, the quality of the tires is awful. On a stroller that is not inexpensive to begin with, I have to spend the yearly maintenance of replacing tires and inner tubes at least once annually, if not more. I truly hope the quality improves, because despite the vibe's other accommodating features, I must admit the tire aggravation and expense would prevent me from purchasing the stroller if I were to do it over again.

Ripped Off


For a company that sells mostly three wheeled prams it seems strange that you can only buy the inner tubes in sets of two.
Then, have just tried to put them on the pram ourselves to find it's impossible without the proper tools which most people wouldn't have.
So a trip to the local bike shop and $30 to get them to put them on & pump up... We then get told that we could have purchased the tubes for $7.50 each at the bike shop....and Phil & Teds sold them to me for $71.00 (4).
Ripped off. Thanks Phil & Teds.

1 out of 2


one of the tubes was already defective with a slit in it. I'll contact em for a return and then we'll see if I can re-do this eval.

Tire inner tubes


We got a flat the other day n I was going to call AAA road service, unfortunately I didn't have my membership card with me so we babied it home and got a hold of our friends at Phil & Teds and course they took care of us right away I install the new tube and like Willy Nelson says:
we are on THE ROAD AGAIN

Inner tube fits well


Inner tube works great for navigator- easy to install.

Simple transaction!


Easy to purchase fast delivery. It was a pleasure.

Great tubes but doesn't solve the problem


The tubes are great, yes. I'm not sure really what to say about it. It's a tire tube. I did buy replacement tubes from a local bike shop but they don't have bent valves, so ended up ordering these from Phil&Teds (as an aside, it is a little annoying that nobody local carries the replacement tubes).
When we discovered a flat (and a huge hole in the tube), we noticed the tire rim is actually warped. No wonder we're getting flats - the rim is defective. So yes, the new tubes are good but it won't solve our problem. If you're getting flats, too, I suggest checking the rim to see if you also received a stroller with a warped tire.

Product seems ok. Shipping eta very disappointing


Product seems ok. We had to replace a flat back tire on this stroller we've had for 5 years. Needed it for our newborn daughter. Shipping eta VERY disappointing. The "order email" said I'd receive an email once my product shipped but that never happened at all. I emailed customer services asking where the email was and when I'd receive my shipment. No response. Finally about 3 weeks after I submitted the order, I received the shipment. Disappointed with the lack of help....

As expected


Fits perfect on Phil and Teds strollers! There is not much you can write about regular wells :) Thanks

As Expected


The tires were delivered in a reasonable amount of time. The tires were easy to replace and were as expected.


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